WAY Consultancy - Who Are You?

We specialise in programmes to help you answer that question. We can help to build you as a better person in every area of your life so that you can build others.

Let us help you discover how understanding your personality style can help you in your personal development and relationships.

Learn how to apply information for better  communication and interaction with others. Enhance your decision making, and understand the strengths of yourself and others.

WAY Consultancy will help you develop as a person.

Personal growth will help you set goals, communicate bettter, be self motivated and carry out efffective planning. We will help you with your personal aspirations in order to be fulfilled in your home, work or business life.

We specialise in a personal service to demonstrate 'Who Are You?' You can look at your personality style and realise just how 'unique' you really are.


We then take it further and show you how your uniqueness once understood helps you to communicate better, build better relationships and develop yourself on a regular basis.

Relationships are key for everyday living. WAY Consultancy will help you learn what to say to communicate better to strengthen links with family, friends, clients and teams.

We will show you how your personality style affects your expectations, who you work best with and the way in which you write, say and do things with others around you. 

Using the DISC Personality Profile Tool WAY Consultancy will help you take a good look at your own and others personality types.

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Understand why you are more defiant than others, sometimes illogical, very shy at times or extremely creative.

"Understanding my personality has helped me with three things. Firstly to develop and organise myself better, secondly to learn how to react to certain personality types and increase my effectiveness with styles that are different from my own, thirdly to improve the quality of my team and build good working relationships."

Manager - London

"I used to wonder why some people used to think of me as quite forceful whilst I saw myself as assertive. Understanding my personality profile has enabled me to see who I am and recognise traits in myself and others. I now know how to approach others and get the most from my managers to get the job done."

Adult Educator - City Council.


"Learning about my own and other people's personality traits has changed my perspective and approach to life. In my business I now deal with people effectively and get them to learn new skills in a more positive way environmenmt. In my personal life I am more at peace with myself, family and friends."

Advanced Driving Instructor and Assessor.