WAY Consultancy specialises in building and empowering Individuals & Couples, Businesses, Schools &Colleges, Specialized Groups and Teams to maximise their potential and build others.

Individuals & Couples

These Sessions will help individuals  to discover how they are wired, who they really are, and how they can develop further. It will help couples focus on building a closer relationships and really understand what makes each other tick for better harmony and balance.

Sessions include:-

  • Personality Profile Assessments
  • Personal Development Sessions
  • Performance Coaching
  • Couple Personality Coaching
  • Pre-Marital Personality Reviews


Helping businesses understand the key personality styles of the people in their leadership and teams and how they can work more effectively in order to achieve the operational and strategic potential and goals.

Sessions include:-

  • Personality Profile Assessments
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Coaching

Schools & Colleges

Helping teachers and lecturers to understand more about their students and themselves and how they are wired and thus tapping into their best potential. Understanding the students personality styles will then provide better resolutions for reducing confrontation and minimising conflict between teachers and students. 

Sessions aim to :-

  • Highlight the majority ratio of personality styles in the student group
  • Explain and help them understand the best communication methods for each personality style
  • Highlight the best ways to provide feedback
  • 121 sessions for teachers or lecturers to share and learn on an individual basis.


Working with groups in a seminar or workshop format to help build team dynamics, help start up groups understand and work together for better success and also deal with teams currently undergoing conflict and need a different intervention.


Sessions include:-

  • Team Personality Assessments
  • Personaility Assessment Reviews and Action Plans
  • Team Coaching
  • Group Coaching

To find out more or book any of these sessions then email info@wayconsultancy.com or Tel 07900 073540

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